Top Rally Races USA

There are many ways for motorsport fans in the US to get their fill outside of NASCAR. Country fairs, local race tracks, and hobbyists have gathered and come up with their races, crazy heart hammering races and derbies, laid back, accessible for all rallies as well as country-infused events. These activities used specialized intended regulations and cars to meet their demands for speed and a passion for cars. 

24 Hours of Lemons

Maybe you already heard the impressive 24 Hours of Le Mans race that isn’t really possible for the common individual. This is an endurance racing rally, enabling drivers to use cars, which were bought for $500 or less or modified. The race happens all across the US and Australia as well, all through the year. 

Monster Jam

Some events showcase the full technological abilities of 4-wheeled cars like Monster Jam. This traveling rally pits gigantic 10.5 foot, six tone trucks against one another in an array of competitions. Drivers race and vie in skill competitions to find out who is the monster truck driver. 

American Gumball Rally

American Gumball Rally was named after the 1967 movie The Gumball Rally, happening in many destinations all over the country. The rally provides tropes for long-distance drivers, best graphics, best reaction time, and a whole lot more. This 2020, the rally will be happening in Kentucky, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Nevada, Colorado as well as California.