Top Rally Races Worldwide

Do you want to know the top rally races in the world? Then you come to the right place. Below is the list of the best and well-known rally races worldwide. 

Saint Auban/Col Du Turini Monte Carlo Rally

Without a doubt, this is one of the most renowned rallies. Monte Carlo rally has been preferred by many fanatics worldwide. It has complex, twisty, tight, cliff-top terrains winding through small tunnels. On top of impossible drops, on the other side is almost certain death. 

EL Condor – Rally Argentina

Situated high in the mountains of Traslasierra, El Condor boasts amazing views in a good climate, but rain and fog change it into misery. The terrain becomes rough, and the test lasts by snaking around gigantic rocks that provide fantastic vantage points for insecurely perched fanatics. 

Rift Valley – Nairobi, Safari Rally Kenya

This is an iconic stage which features in 2002 but will make a comeback this year. The Rift Valley was and arguably still is, regarded as the most arduous stages today. 

Pig-N-Ford racing

Oregon’s Tillamook Country Fair is considered the place of the most bizarre car racing spectacles. Drivers should begin a century-old Ford Model T prior to picking up a pig. The first driver to make three lapses is declared the winner. 

King of the Hammers

Since the year 2008, Hammerking Production, a racing organization, has combined desert racing and rock crawling to develop King of the Hammers, one of the most exceptional races in the world today.